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(Bestellnummer #38159) (09/03/2023)

Produkt Anzahl Preis
Dactylorhiza romana (#23-027) 3  70,50
Orchis provincialis (#23-032) 1  23,00
Zwischensumme:  93,50
Lieferung:  6,90 via Lieferung international
Zahlungsmethode: PayPal
Gesamt:  100,40 (inkl.  15,58 Mehrwertsteuer)
Anmerkung: Packaging plants carefully to avoid cold damage is very important. Please add something (a lot of sheets of newspapers or something like that) around plant bags to prevent freezing damage. Please do not add water to the plant bags (the dry peat is much better); the cold will give rise to rot plants if there is water.
The next night temperature drops to -20 C in Estonia. Please send the parcel out next Monday; we have a warm wave here then (above zero).


Riho Teras
Riia 23
51010 Tartu
+372 56696255


Riho Teras
Riia 23
51010 Tartu

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